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Art Program


Professional Art Instruction (water color, pastels, acrylics, silk screening)


All of our instructors are committed to helping their students to develop the techniques to express the individual artist within and achieve their personal goals.


San Jose Art Classes meet weekly for 60 minutes.


Classes are ongoing.


Classes are offered weekdays in the afternoon and evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.


Art Classes are group lessons with a minimum ratio of 2:1 and a maximum ratio of 7:1, this low student : teacher ratio allows for more individualized attention.


We welcome students 4 years old to Adult.


No prior experience is necessary.


There is a monthly supply fee of $5 per student.


All supplies will be provided. As with our Music Program, the 24 hour cancellation policy applies.


Two weeks written notice is required to drop a class (forms available at the desk)


As with our other classes, tuition is due at the beginning of the month for the full month.


– Art Classes are subject to the family discount – see complete details under Tuition Policy.


Art Instructors


Vania Goranova                         Larisa Zaiko


Instructor Bio                                  Instructor’s Bio


Students’ Art Work


abstract-artwork-150x150 abstract-artwork1-150x150 abstract-artwork2-150x150 abstract-artwork3-150x150 abstract-artwork4-150x150
abstract-artwork5-150x150 san-jose-art-teachers1-150x150 san-jose-art-teachers6-150x150 art-lessons-150x150 art-lessons1-150x150
art-lessons2-150x150 art-lessons3-150x150 art-lessons4-150x150 art-lessons5-150x150 san-jose-art-teachers2-150x150
san-jose-art-teachers7-150x150 art-lessons6-150x150 art-school-san-jose-150x150 art-school-san-jose1-150x150 art-school-san-jose2-150x150
art-school-san-jose3-150x150 art-school-san-jose4-150x150 san-jose-art-teachers3-150x150 water-color-painting-150x150 art-school-san-jose5-150x150
art-school-san-jose6-150x150 art-school-san-jose7-150x150 san-jose-art-school-150x150 san-jose-art-school1-150x150 san-jose-art-school2-150x150
san-jose-art-teachers4-150x150 san-jose-art-school3-150x150 san-jose-art-school4-150x150 san-jose-art-school5-150x150 san-jose-art-school6-150x150
san-jose-art-school7-150x150 san-jose-art-teachers-150x150 san-jose-art-teachers5-150x150


Classes Offered