Drum Lessons

Professional Drum Classes

The Almaden School of Music & Art takes pride in offering a solid music education. Our Drum Classes in San Jose are fully equipped with all types of drum sets, mallet, and hand percussion instruments. You will learn the basics of drum techniques under the professional guidance of our expert music teachers. We offer performance-based approach   in our drumming workshops, recitals & bands throughout the year.


Premier Drum Training Programs


Annual Recitals and stage shows are the key features of The Almaden School of Music & Art. You will get  ample opportunities to play & perform on and off stage with expert music instructors. We will help you become not just a skilled musician, but a qualified “drum technicians”. You can explore the world of rock, jazz, funk, blues  and any other music style that you want to inculcate.

Master the Drum Techniques:


  • Proper hand, wrist, and finger motion
  • Learn “Moeller” technique
  • Learn hand-foot coordination
  • Learn drum solo’s and improvisation
  • Fixing Bad Technique
  • Master drum rudiments
  • Drum theory and history
  • Read drum beats, drum fills and drum transcriptions
  • Year-round Performance opportunities


The Almaden School of Music & Art offers interactive Drum Lessons in San Jose for students of all ages, levels and abilities. We also offer educational materials, instructional videos, as well as recordings, books, CD’s, to give you a unique & wonderful musical experience.


Highlights of Our Drum Training Program:

  1. Simple & Convenient: We take the hassle out of booking your drum lessons by recommending the ideal instructors and handling all the scheduling, booking and billing tasks.
  2. Expert Drum instructors: We have highly skilled, experienced and drum instructors, which are the best in the music industry.
  3. Tailored learning program: Students master lifelong drumming fundamentals, such as Time signatures, counting measures, rhythmic patterns and live performance skills.
  4. All levels of Drum Training: Our Drum Classes in San Jose are specifically tailored to match your level of proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

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We offer drum classes in San Jose, Saratoga Avenue/Westgate music school location in particular. Contact us at (408) 267-3651 or  E-mail: info@davidksmusicschool.com


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