Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Almaden School of Music and Art offers classes in a wide range of styles for the electric, classical and acoustic guitar. Our guitar lessons in San Jose are open for kids, teens and adults. We introduce our students to different styles of music, hence allowing them to get a well-rounded sense of various ways to play guitar.


Customized classes according your skills and abilities


Depending upon the skills, learning levels and abilities acquired by you, we will have one of our highly skilled teacher work with you to help you achieve your music related goals. Our courses are designed according to the skills and learning abilities of the individuals. If you are a beginner, we will make you sit with students who are just like you. We will start the process by teaching you how to hold and play guitar. We will teach you how to play open chords and different picking and strumming patterns. You will also learn how to play lead guitar as well as popular melodies. Those who have basic knowledge of the guitar and have attended at least 20 hours of guitar learning classes, will be enrolled for intermediate guitar classes in San Jose. We teach advanced techniques and skills. We keep the size of our guitar lessons limited (generally 3-5 students), so that we can give personal attention to each student.


Expert, talented and skilled guitar teachers


We have some of the highly experienced, trained and skilled guitar teachers in San Jose, who are experts in their fields. Apart from their charming and friendly nature, they have warm personalities and are always ready to help students. They ensure each student in the class receives their attention and support needed to grow into a better musician and not just a guitarist. We have been providing guitar classes in San Jose, CA for last many years. We have trained thousands of students, who are now having a flourished career in the music industry.


Measurable results


We track the progress of our students very closely. We stay in touch with the parents on a regular basis, we that we can update them about the same. We offer multiple guitar lessons in San Jose, CA so that you can pick the one that best suits your busy lifestyle. We also conduct various events and recitals in our schools to make students perform in front of an audience and overcome their stage fear and develop confidence.


Join us now!


If you are thinking to join acoustic guitar classes in San Jose or classical guitar classes in San Jose, Almaden School of Music & Art is the right choice for you. You may call us at (408) 267-3651 to know more about us!



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