Math Lessons

Math Lessons


If you are preparing for your SAT, you know how important is it to get a high score.  Almaden School has combined everything you need to know to maximize your SAT score.  We have thoroughly prepared course materials, revision tests and incredible free extras into the most effective SAT preparation programs in the region.  The highly skilled and experienced math instructors of Almaden School give personalized attention to each student  to help his/her achieve their goals.


Course materials


To amplify the chances of success, we have categorized each course into various programs where students are given plentiful study and revision material. Our courses  are inline with the latest syllabus of SAT and  we also provide complete and detailed solutions to all practice questions. We ensure the quality of  our courses  so that we can help students maximize their chances of success in the exam. We also give our student’s homework and make assessments based on the marks scored by them in the tests we conduct. We also keep in touch with the parents of students and update them regularly about the progress of their kids throughout the session.


Highly qualified and experienced math instructors


We conduct a rigorous selection process to choose skilled and experienced instructors. Thinking about the long term goals of educations, we plan our classroom lessons that bring both specific and long term goals for students. We carefully observe how students respond to these lessons so that we can improve their learning and engagement process. Our math classes in San Jose are customized and fully indexed to the SAT’s curriculum.  The content is structured and features worked examples, practice questions, interactive activities and answer keys to enhance your learning process.


One on one tutoring


Our highly skilled math instructor gives personal attention to each student. Our math classes in San Jose are designed to introduce students to test format and teach strategies for answering questions and managing time.  We teach our students useful tips and tricks that help them save their precious time in the exam.  We provide the best possible education to the students preparing for SAT in San Jose.


Our SAT course focuses on advanced algebra, data analysis, and real-world problem solving and calculators. We use a personal approach and interactive technology to help kids learn math, reading, writing and more. Therefore, take up math lessons in San Jose, CA  for a brighter future.


To know more about our math classes in San Jose, CA, feel free to contact us. We will be more than pleased to help you address your problems.


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