Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Almaden School of Music and Art is one of the largest independent music schools offering quality music education to the students of all ages and abilities. We are the leading music school in the Bay Area that helps students learn to play the musical instrument they love in a friendly, fun and professional learning environment. We offer piano lessons in classical, Jazz and popular genre.


Performance based piano lessons


On your first piano class, we will teach you the basic fundamentals of piano. We have designed piano classes in San Jose, depending upon your skills, level and ability. We will make one of our experienced music teachers work with you closely and help you achieve your music related goals. Our music classes are open for students of all ages and abilities. No matter you are 4 or 40, you can always have one of our teachers work with you to accomplish your music related goals.


Step by step music training


Our aim at the Almaden School of Music is to relieve all your stress and ensure you have all the fun. In the beginner piano classes in San Jose, CA, we cover all the music fundamentals, such as learning to read rhythms, notes, scales and chords. In the intermediate classes, our focus is on playing the music you like the most and hence helping you deepen your piano skills and get a better understanding of the musical theory. And advanced classes are meant for students who are looking to try their hands on advanced piano playing methods and techniques.


Highlights of our piano lessons


Our performance based music approach helps students develop skills they need to build a shining career in the field of music. No matter you want to learn music to jam with your friends or perform in the community, we ensure each student receives an education to contribute toward their goals. We just do not teach our students how to play a musical instrument, but to play an active role in the team and foster a fun, supportive and motivational environment.


Highly expert piano instructors


• All ages, interests and levels welcomed
• Accessible School Location
• Flexible Hours to meet your busy Schedule
• Comprehensive Music education
• Performance Opportunities


Our highly experienced piano instructors play an important role in shaping your child’s musical career. We keep a close eye on the progress of the students and the role of the student so that we can have some of the best music instructors in the school.We have tailored piano lessons in San Jose to meet the proficiency and learning levels of the students. We help students master lifelong music fundamentals through solo techniques, licks, chord progression as well as time signatures.


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To know about our piano lessons in San Jose, CA, feel free to reach us at (408) 267-3651 and we will be more than happy to help you fulfil your music related goals.


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