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Top-Rated Voice Classes

The Almaden School of Music & Art is a reputable music center, offering Vocal training with the highest standard of innovative approach. We provide Voice & Singing lessons in San Jose with the broadest range of instruments and subjects. Our Top-Notch vocal instructors are capable of teaching students of all ages, levels and abilities.

Music Genres taught at The Almaden School of Music & Art include:

• Classical (Opera, Lied, etc.)
• Jazz (see below)
• Musical Theatre
• Rock/Pop
• Traditional/Folk

Our Voice and singing courses include proper singing technique, repertoire selection, musicality, movement & gestures, pitch, memory, sight-singing, interpretation, diction, etc. You are given vocal training by skilled and experienced musicians and Vocalist . Our music school strives to create a learning environment that is open and honest by encouraging improvisation and creativity.


Professional Vocal Coaches:


Learn from the best teachers in the country. Our expert faculty will take you step by step through our structured curriculum with modern student centric teaching methodologies. We have hired highly trained and experienced professional singers & musicians To provide expert vocal classes San Jose. We provide professional 1-on-1 vocal training with certified coaches. Our vocal instructors will teach you the proper technique of singing and help you learn how to use your voice in a healthy and natural way.


Highlights of our Voice and Singing Lessons:

• Core – Vocal warm-ups and singing exercises
• Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing
• Improving Pitch & Vocal Pitch issues
• Singing Performance issues
• Mastering Vocal Tone
• Articulation
• Resonance and Singing With Power
• Improving Vocal Agility
• Microphone technique.
• Public speaking

Performance Platforms:


Performing is an integral part of the learning process and we host student’s recital, Piano Competitions, along with annual and bi-annual Annual Teachers’ Recital program. Under the direction of dedicated and experienced coaches, you will learn group music-making through weekly rehearsals and regular performances of a varied repertoire.


Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


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Our Voice Singing San Jose Sessions are continuous and open for enrollment at any time. Call us at (408) 267-3651  or E-mail: info@davidksmusicschool.com


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